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Image Radio Festival 2008
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The theme of Image Radio 2008 was “Exploring Your Invisible Paradise”. The festival was organised around the Witte Dame, Lichtplein, public library and TAC. The festival consisted of an Art Show, Symposium, Live Cinema concerts and artist Talks. Experimental installations in public space aimed at interaction and participation, making aware and inspiring people to use new media, enhancing their social and cultural well-being. Image Radio was curated by Anette Schäfer (UK) Olga Mink and Rene Pare (Director MAD Emergent art center).

The festival is also an experiment, critical reflection, and preview of how new media in public space impact our cultural, social and physical surroundings. The increase of display devices, data clouds, sensor networks, particularly in urban centers, provides a new medium. Public space becomes a playground in which dynamic and manipulative data influence our perception. Potential applications are shown in experimental installations. Theory, discussion and exchange on these topics are facilitated in the professional program and symposium.

Theme Background: The discovery of new worlds in the public space can first open the eyes and provide unprecedented experiences, then make possible participation and personal development, and help the natural rise of social networks. The development of media technology aimed at widespread public use is accelerating with the pace of ever-increasing data speed and – volume. Not only does this expansion approach our limits of manageable information; the sheer size and complexity of the territory obstructs our ability to participate and contribute in this cyber world. Our data precedes us. Individual identities are already part of systems and networks that can be seen as dataclouds and virtual cities. New social networks and communities arise from the combination of basic human needs and communication technology opportunities. Life, including work and relaxation, is evolving and adapting to how information technology is developing.

selected artists: Mateusz Herczka | MAMAbart | Sander Veenhof | Usman Haque | Bengt Sjölén | Adam Somlai-Fischer | Angelika Oei | R.A. Verouden | Mauritius Seeger | Danielle Roberts | Mirjam van Overbeek | Michiel van Overbeek | Kitchen Budapest | Marius Watz | Gijs van Bon | Mander Liefting | Marcel Dolman | Inge Raadschelders | Gijs van Bon | Toby Harris | Nik Barrera | Adam Finlay | Matthias Kispert | Heath Bunting | Lightrhythmvisuals | Miguel Leal | Alexis Lloyd | Fontys IMD | Live Cinema: Scanner+Olga Mink | Live Cinema: Pierre Bastien | Live Cinema: Optical Machines.

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