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Visual Active SOTI 2006
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Visual Active event 8 en 9 september 2006
State of the Image Festival in Arnhem.

“Visual_active” presenteert een avontuurlijk programma op het gebied van audiovisuele performance. Tijdens de optredens
onderzoeken kunstenaars de relatie tussen beeld en geluid, en gaan zij  live het experiment aan. Het programma presenteert
een selectie van internationale artiesten, vj’s, dj’s, muzikanten en filmmakers die op hun eigen manier ‘pionieren’ binnen
de audiovisuele performance kunst.

Visual Active”  staat garant voor een eclectische mix van beeld en geluid waarin live performances elkaar aanvullen,
contrasteren en verrijken.



Light Turned Down, Scanner + D-Fuse (UK)
‘Light Turned Down’ is a live interchange between artists charting a conversational movement of colour,
musical fragments, texture and image. Following a singular pulse at a propelling 128 beats per minute,
Scanner will wrap sound around the beat as D-Fuse projects images in response, creating a uniquely
live experience, each responding to the other. Scanner’s hypnotic score is beautifully visualised in an
abstract world reduced to an abstract starbust patterning.

“The NoTV Tulse Luper VJ Performance, Peter Greenaway (UK) + DJ Radar
Peter Greenaway, director of film classics like The Pillow Book, The Cook The Thief His Wife
And Her Lover, Prospero’s books and The Tulse Luper Suitcases, demonstrated in his first VJ
performance in club11, Amsterdam. The magnificent vj debut with dj Radar did not go unnoticed.
As a  “real time image conductor” he finally freed himself from classic cinematographic linearity.
The tremendous succes of this performance made NoTV and Peter Greenaway decide to take the
performance to a next level, and bring it to the international audience by starting the official
“Tulse Luper VJ Tour”.

Audiovisual concert – Ryoichi Kurokawa (JP)
Ryoichi Kurokawa is an audiovisual artist living in Osaka, Japan. His works takes on multiple forms like
screening works, recordings, installation and live performance. Kurokawa composes ‘time based sculptures’
with digital generated materials and field-recorded sources. Kurokawa accepts sound and imagery as a
unit, not as separate media. Very exquisite and precise, he constructs computer-based works with the
audiovisual language.

Eric Vloeimans + Michel Banabila + Visual.Girlbot.Facility
An audiovisual performance with Michel Banabila and Eric Vloeimans and Visual Girlbot Facility.
They create a live synergy between sound and image.

Program inside:
Visual_Active_CLUB@ Arnhem


Martijn Van Boven-
Bas van Koolwijk –
Stanzacrew + Lomechanik –
VJ Anyone + Motorboy (UK)  –
Tofa feat. MC Massiw le Ghaza (GER)  –
Nicklebeat – dj
SXNDRX – performance
Funckarma + Videotroopers

Dank aan Wubbo Mossing Holstein en Max-Brothers.

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