Ballet Mechanique
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Ballet Mechanique – installation 2002

The human body in motion has been a main theme in Mink’s work. The installation Ballet Mechanique explores the body in motion by re-arranging and composing fragments of dancers to present an alternative temporal experience. By use of rectangular screens and spatial projection set ups, an immersive visual environment is created. The video mapping and the arrangement of the multiple screens work together to create rhythm and depth, which is essential for presenting these images.

The work deconstructs dance movements and plays with the subjectivity of the audience. It consists of a combination of found footage and recorded video’s of dancers. The installation set up and the fragmentation of the body movements enhances the immersive perpetual motion experience. A continuous sequence of movements visualizes a constant dynamic in time through the projections of the deconstructed gestures.

“Ballet Mechanique” was performed at LUX cinema in Nijmegen, Theater de Kikker Utrecht, Haags Filmhuis in The Hague and Mapping festival in Geneva.  This project was initially developed as ‘Dancemachine’, a collaboration in the Cacaofabriek in Helmond (2001).

Multi-channel performance@ Mapping festival 2005

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