Urban Nature Part I & II
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Urban Nature is a live cinema performance. The footage was recorded in Tokyo and afterwards composed into a visual show accompanied by Michel Banabila’s live music and trumpet’s by Eric Vloeimans. The visuals and the text messages were mixed realtime. Re-contextualizing a new narrative structure, it followed the dynamics of the music to accomplish a symbiosis between the abstract storyline and the sound.

Urban Nature observes public behavior in a post urban environment. The individual is lost in a gentle flow of movement and fades into the urban landscape. Surveillance is omnipresent. Pedestrians anonymously moving in the urban surroundings embody the ‘stagnant routine of modern life’. The images fluctuate between clear and disrupted moments. Each sequence appears to be a frozen moment in time. The work examines an imaginary dystopia of the modern city.

Urban Nature was performed at Plaza Futura in Eindhoven and the State of the Image Festival in Arnhem. The video was screened in Tate Britain in London, Sonar Festival in Spain, and exhibited at Yourspace in the Van Abbe Museum Eindhoven. Urban Nature was published online in CitySCENE by Vague Terrain in Canada.

Olga Mink’s video Urban Nature takes ephemeral, transitory city-moments and stretches them into an uneasy realm of pure duration. These interstitial spaces are used to frame issues of surveillance and control in the contemporary ” Cityscene, Vague Terrain – Canada

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