visual girlbot facility
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Visual.Girlbot.Facility was a long distance collaboration from 2001 until 2004 between Olga Mink(NL) and Irena Mihalinec (HR).
VGF was based on the idea of sharing knowlegde, content and ideas via the internet (with slow connections at that time).

Visual.Girlbot.Facility performed and lectured on topics that related to live visuals, computer generated images, abstract animation, film/video sampling and GNU/open-source theories.

VGF performed at Lowlands-festival, KinkFM Paradiso in Amsterdam, Impakt Festival, OTV club Zagreb,  Club Transmediale 2004.
VGF gave workshops for R.A.F. in Mama (Zagreb) and at Mediamediterannea5 (2003 Pula).
VGF produced work in collaboration with musicians Michel Banabila and Sage Francis.

“Low Pulse High noise” was released on Notv’s Visual Music DVD. “Hoofprints in the sand” was released in 2006 on the Lightrhythmvisuals Notations DVD.